rotary grinding machine


rotary grinding machine
rotary grinding machine
rotary grinding machine


Rotary surface grinding machines have more than twice the productivity
compared to reciprocating surface grinding machines. Achieving better
stability and higher accuracy due to the highly rigid construction,
we can control infeeds as low as 0.1 um.

Features :

  • Adopt bridge (double column) type effect stable infeed, high accuracy.
    Grinding spindle travelling bridge (double column) slideway stable
    infeed without transformation.Table designed lower position for easy
    loading/unloading and wide open area for easy operation.

  • Table can be inclined. Table inclined with simple operation, having convex
    or concave parts, taper shape or blade grinding.

  • Necessary data input only and follow standard conversational screen,
    and to have automatic cycle is feasible.

PRG 6DXNC :  Electromagnetic Chuck Size ø600 mm.

PRG 8DXNC :  Electromagnetic Chuck Size ø800 mm.

PRG 10DXNC :  Electromagnetic Chuck Size ø1000 mm.

PRG 12DXNC :  Electromagnetic Chuck Size ø1200 mm.